The Family

Born eons ago in the mind of God before our physical existence became a reality.  He carefully planned every detail of our being--the color of our eyes and hair, a dimple here, a freckle there--making us unique individuals who would fit perfectly into His plan for our family.  He did not create our diverse personalities to push us into conflict, but to give balance to our lives by drawing from each other's strengths, as well as complementing each other's weaknesses.  Knowing we would need each other to accomplish His special purpose for our lives, He wove certain characteristics into each of us to benefit the entire family.  As we place our complete trust in the Lord, he helps us grow, nurture, share, and love.   1985 poem - Anita Robertson

Dad and June - If I remember right -
the last ones on the dance floor at Tyra and Lee's wedding!!

Father's Day 2005
Recent birthday for Dad and Bobby
Donna's birthday - 2002

Family Gatherings

Thanksgiving at Bobby and Sally's-Lake Conroe   Dad and June at Jenny's Graduation

Dad, Kevin, Donna, and Bobby - birthday!!
  Kathleen and Ralph

Kevin, Bobby, and Donna

Dad and Bobby at Lake Conroe                          The Miller Men - in younger years!

Life branches on a tree, we may grow in different directions yet our roots remain as one.  Each of our lives will always be a part of the other.

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